Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keep desks neat and save time.

I've used these on groups of desks. There was a lot less strolling to the garbage can with a tiny scrap and taking a tour of the room to get there. Cute Polka Dot and beautiful lace, can be used as a trash can or a storage can, even a decoration. Small and exquisite. Convenient to keep your desktop clean and tidy. Removable lid design, easy to clean.

These can be purchased here.


  1. Yes...I love these and have seen these before! I think I have seen them in the dollar store. They are perfect and cute for desk tops. After a student drops their pencil sharpener on the floor for the tenth time that day and puts all the shavings in the cute little's completely worth it! Less traffic in the classroom too with getting up and going to the trash can. Thanks for sharing! Super cute and useful!

  2. Yes! I included recycle bins at my tables this year as well! It was a game changer for classroom management during our Daily 5 centers. It cut down on a great deal of socialization and meandering the room when they had to throw something out and ended up socializing at another student's table.

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)