Saturday, August 1, 2015

Common Core Tracking Punch Cards

Keep track of which common core standards your students have mastered with these handy punch card rings.  Keep track of which common core standards your students have mastered with these handy punch card rings.  Each card features a different Common Core strand/domain, with the standards listed by number around the card. The cards are each a different theme to help students easily find the card they need to be marked.
To use, print the cards on cardstock, laminate and cut the cards apart, Punch holes in the upper left corner and put the cards on a ring so that each student has a complete set of cards. There is a line for the student to write his or her name on the cover card. You could put all of the standards onto one ring or use two – one for ELA and one for math.
Students can store their own cards or the can be hung on hooks to prevent wear. When a student meets a standard, place a small sticker, punch, highlight or stamp the appropriate box. By the end of the year, your students should have every box stamped or punched! It is easy to flip through the cards and see who needs to be retaught skills.

Cards are all the same size.

These can be purchased in my TPT or TN stores.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Common Core Math Documentation Freebie

With the coming of the Common Core we will be required to document when the standards are taugt and if they are mastered. I created a form to record the dates you teach each of the CCSS for Second Grade Math and the percentage of the class that masters the standard.Click on the link here to download your copy.

Become a TPT Seller

I talk to so many teachers that want to begin selling on TPT. I was so afraid of failing when I got started.  I didn't know how I would take it if no one thought my materials were worthwhile.  I was pleasantly surprised how many people like what I have to offer.  Give it a try and surprise yourself.

Huge Deal!

This file contains 61 Smartboard Activities to review and improve primary language arts skills. It would take you hours to create these activities. I have done all the work for you.
These files can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. You may also use the free Smartboard software to view these files on any computer as a work station.
All clip art is copyrighted and may not be resold.

ABC Order Sight Words
ai ay Gingerbread                        
Antonym Penguins                    
Bat positional words                  
Blends Game                                  
Building a Story Graphic Organizer      
Castle Story Activity                                    
Comparing Characters Graphic Organizer          
Compound Words                                      
Consonants and Vowels
Christmas Writing Activity
Down By the Bay                          
Farm Story                                      
Going From Good to Great Sentences                                
Guess the Covered Letter                        
Guess the Word Game                                              
Hard C Soft C                                  
Introductory Tree Map                              
Irregular double vowels                            
KWL Graphic Organizer                              
Less-Ness Vortex Game                            
Magic Spy Glass                            
Main Idea Graphic Organizer                  
Making Words 4 blocks model                
Nonsense Word Generator                      
Nonsense Words You’re Out                  
Nouns Verbs  Sort                        
Penguin Vocabulary                  
Picnic Writing Activity                
Pilgrims Pilgrims What Do You See    
Pirate Life in a Fishbowl            
Prefix Center                                  
Sentence Builder                          
Sentence editing                          
Short Vowel Chill                        
Sightword dice                              
Snowman positional words                    
Sort Long and short a                  
Sort nouns                                      
Sorts nouns vowels                  
Sorts Syllables/ Nouns              
Story Board Graphic Organizer                
Thanksgiving  Positional  Words            
Word Wizards Prefix Suffix                      
Wrap It Up                      
Writing-A ctivity-Halloween                  
Writing Super Sentences