Tuesday, April 26, 2011

25 Primary Activities and Centers

I have listed a new DVD

This new DVD contains pocket chart activities, centers, calendar, matching, memory etc. see the list below for a full list.
Alphabetical Order
Apple Pocket Chart Words
Word Wall Basket
Calendar Numbers for March Plus Headings
Easter Memory Match
Fact Family 11-19
Feb words
Job icons
March Words
Matching Place Value Ladybugs
Mothers and Babies
Name Plates
Pres Glyph
Peter Rabbit
Rockin + Facts
40 Spelling Test Forms
Spring Word Wall Words
Story Wands
Sub gift
Syllable Sort
We Love Contractions Activity
What is your guess? 

Take a look. 

Rockin Addition

I just posted a new math activity on TPT. Students will gain practice in adding and in sorting the sums that are greater than, less than and equal to 10.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

My niece made these.  Think I'll save these for next Easter. I put rubber bands around the head and glued water bottle caps for the face...I put a white round sticker, similar to a garage sale sticker, on the cap and drew eyes...cut out felt for feet...glued them on...cut a bendy straw and glued it on...only dip the eggs a 1/3 of the way, I glued them to the plate cuz some of them wouldn't stand up straight...I got the idea outta the Family Fun magazine :) 

Mother's Day Gift

I finally found the poem I was looking for, for Mother's Day.  We are taking foam hearts, covering them with glitter and gluing a shiny dime on it.  Then we'll glue a pinback on the back. Mom's will treasure this.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have you tried selling your great ideas and materials on Teachers Pay Teachers?  It's a great place to share your materials and earn some extra money too.  It's very gratifying to know others think your ideas are worthwhile. Click here to become a seller.


I received an idea for Mother's Day.  It was either from a blog or a group I'm on.  I lost it.  It was a poem from a child about giving a mother her first diamond pin and he would give her a real diamond pin some day. There was a pin craft project that went with it. It was a glittery heart with a dime glued on the heart. Is this familiar to anyone?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


These are some bookmarks I created for my kids  Click here to download yours for free. Print in landscape.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Math Counting Money Less Than $1.00

I made this counting money Smartboard activity for my first graders.  They had so much fun they didn't realize how hard they were working.  When a slide appears the students count the money and write down the amount. A student then touches the glass of lemonade and they hear the sound of the boy slurping the lemonade.  (It makes them laugh every time.) The glass empties and the correct amount is revealed in the glass.  This activity made counting money much more enjoyable for the kids and me. TPT

Friday, April 15, 2011

Down on the Farm

This is an activity my students enjoyed.  It is a Smartboard activity , but can be used on a computer by downloading the free Smartboard software at  http://www.smarttech.com/us/Support/Browse+Support/Download+Software  The students arrange the graphics at the bottom of the slide on the farm background.  They then write a story on the lined barn shape provided.  The kids were so proud of their stories.  This activity is available on TPT.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adding Your Signature

I love learning new things.  I just learned how to add my signature from Shelly at Asprecs Apple. Take a look it's easy and fun. Makes you feel like you actually know what your doing.

I've put some iron-on transfers on my Etsy page. Take a look and see what I have.  I'm just getting started with the iron-on transfers.  The chick below is one of them. There will be more to come.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alphabetical Order

This is a sample of one of the many activities I have on Teachers PayTeachers. Take a look and see if it is the type of activity you would be interested in using.  You can use all of the cards to challenge some of the more advanced students or part of the words for students just beginning to understand alphabetical order. Click here to download the activity.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Math Timesaver

This is an idea I use to save time passing out manipulatives during math.  At the beginning of the year I give each student a Glad food container.  In it I put various manipulatives students will use throughout the year.  Most of the items fit in film canisters and are labeled for easy accessibility.  I include 2 dice, 2 pigs, 20- 2 sided counters, 12 pennies, 10 small eraser counters, 10 connecting blocks and 20 connecting links. When we need the manipulatives they are easy to find and we save so much time with not having to pass items out one at a time. When finished the students return the canisters to their boxes.

Weekly Planning

After 27 years of lesson planning I have finally found something that works for me.  I think that is the key to what we do in our classroom.  Everyone is different, just like the kids, and what works for one teacher may work for them, but not for you.  This works for me.
I purchased 5 storage tubs with lids.  Every Friday after I write my lesson plans I go back over them and highlight all the materials I will need for the next week; copies, milk list, videos, cd's, homework decodable stories, guided reading books, stickers, behavior sheets, reading logs, etc.  I then collect everything for Monday, and put it in the Monday tub.  I then collect everything for Tuesday, and put it in the Tuesday tub.  I do this for each day of the week. I then run all the copies in the Monday tub for Monday and put the tub on my desk with my lesson plans and grade book. I stack the other tubs on a cart for the rest of the week. When I come in on Monday morning, I am ready to go. Before I leave work on Monday I get everything ready for Tuesday in the same manner.  If you are lucky enough to have someone who does your copies this would be even easier.
I hope this will help someone.  It's probably not for everyone, but like I said, "It works for me."


Sunday, April 3, 2011


Teachers have been asking for ideas to store games.  One of the ways I store games are in school boxes.  I buy them at the beginning of the year when they are  $.10 instead later when they go up to a dollar.  I make labels using Avery labels to put the skill on the side of the box.  I use packing tape to tape the directions on the bottom of the box.  I put all the pieces inside the box and number the boxes on the bottom.  If there are worksheets to go with the game I put them in a file folder that has the game number and name on the label. The kids know to take the worksheet when they use the game. These boxes don't take up much space on the shelves.  These 2 shelves hold 64 games and I have more. I hope this is clear.  If you have any questions, just ask.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Candy Bar Wrapper

 Our district like many others has a difficult time finding good substitute teachers to take over when we are gone.  I have created a Hershey candy bar wrapper to enclose a candy bar and leave as a small treat to help my subs feel a little appreciated.  They. are easy to make. Just print and fold around the candy bar. The wrapper can be found on TPT.