Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reward Punch Cards

Kids love to earn reward in school, but not everyone wants to earn the same reward. I have created seasonal and holiday reward punch cards.  Kids can choose the reward they want to work on earning.  Some may want extra computer time, or to change a seat and sit by a friend, or eat lunch with the teacher. The only cost to the teacher is the reward punch cards that you can print over and over again.  I have over 30 different cards to choose from.  The reward cards have 10 punches to be earned before they receive their reward.  Go to my store Kestner's Kreations Primary Pickins and search Reward Punch Cards to see the selection.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Number Picture Match 0-20 Growing Bundle

These counting activities can be used for differentiated instruction. You can use all the cards for more advanced students or just use the number cards and one of the other groups of cards. This can also be used in small group instruction with your guided math groups. I will be adding pictures each month for the picture counting. November will be Thanksgiving pictures, December Christmas, January snow, February Valentines and Presidents, March Leprechauns, April showers. May flowers, June the beach, July patriotic and August back to school. I will let you know each month as the bundle grows. Click here to purchase.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Use a Smartboard Activity on a Computer

With SMART Notebook Express, you can share digital content and lesson activities created with SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software with anyone, anywhere. This web application is available at no charge. Watch our video animation to see how SMART Notebook Express simplifies content sharing for teachers around the world. Send home links to Smartboard Activities.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Solar Eclipse

As an Optometrist , I want to express concern that I have about the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug 21. There are serious risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse directly, even with the use of solar filter glasses. Everyone should keep in mind if they or their children are considering this.
We have to keep in mind that some people will encounter the inability to control every aspect of this exercise. For instance, true solar eclipse glasses are made for adults, do not fit children well and should not be used without direct parental supervision. If the solar glasses do not filter out 100% of the harmful UV rays, if they are not used absolutely perfectly, or should there be a manufacturing defect in any of them, this will result in permanent and irreversible vision loss for any eye exposed. Just like sunburn to the skin, the effects are not felt or noticed immediately. I have a great fear that I will have patients in my office on Tuesday, Aug 22 who woke up with hazy, blurry vision that I cannot fix. It is a huge risk to watch the eclipse even with the use of solar glasses. There is no absolutely safe way to do so other than on TV.
The biggest danger with children is ensuring proper use without direct parental supervision. As the eclipse passes over many places, including Columbus, the moon will not block 100% of the sun. Because so much of its light is blocked by the moon, if one looks at it without full protection, it does not cause pain as looking at the sun does on a regular day. Normally if you try to look at the sun, it physically hurts and you can't see anything. During an eclipse, however, it is easier to stare for a bit....and even less than 30 seconds of exposure to a partially eclipsed sun, you can burn a blind spot right to your most precious central vision. With solar glasses you can't see ANYTHING except the crescent of light of the sun. Kids could have a tendency to want to peak around the filter to see what is actually going on up there. One failure, just one, where education and supervision fail, will have such a devastating consequence.
Please, please be safe. Watch it on television.

Michael Schecter

Monday, July 31, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keep desks neat and save time.

I've used these on groups of desks. There was a lot less strolling to the garbage can with a tiny scrap and taking a tour of the room to get there. Cute Polka Dot and beautiful lace, can be used as a trash can or a storage can, even a decoration. Small and exquisite. Convenient to keep your desktop clean and tidy. Removable lid design, easy to clean.

These can be purchased here.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A New Journey

     In just 7 days my teaching career will be coming to an end. I don't think it will truly hit me until August when I start seeing all the school supplies on sale. I have given 36 years to teaching children of all ages. The only grades I haven't taught are kindergarten and fourth grade. I don't know how I skipped those.
     Looking back I have taught in 4 schools in 3 districts.  All of the schools have struggled with having materials for students and funding programs.  I've used a lot of money out of my own pocket to fund my classroom.  I think teaching is the only occupation where you have to pay for your own supplies to do your job. 
     Even though we have struggled we still managed to graduate successful students. I have taught students who have become, doctors, attorneys, bankers, realtors, insurance agents, nurses, EMTs, farmers, a state representative, clerks, truckers, mechanics, policemen, firemen and teachers.  I think being successful comes from inside. We can't make a student be a success in life. All we can do is give students the tools they need to be a success. The rest is up to them.
    We will still have the student that shouts out ridiculous answers, circles around the answer to your questions, without answering the question, or they just keeping talking until you give up.  Who knows maybe one day this student may be President of the United States.
     In 7 days I will start a new full-time career creating more teaching materials for TPT.  I love working on creating educational materials for teachers and it will keep me doing what I've always Ioved to do.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Letter/Sound Recognition For Younger Kids

This Dab-A-Dot set contains two reproducible worksheet pages for each letter of the alphabet. One worksheet is in color and the matching worksheet is in black and white to save ink. Students use the "Dab-a-Dot" paint markers or crayons to mark all the circles containing the uppercase and lowercase letters for the letter featured on the page. The next worksheet contains pictures and students circle the pictures that start with the specified letter. There are also two coloring pages for each letter sound. An answer key is provided for each worksheet. Great for Pre-school review or the beginning of Kindergarten letter and sound review. Please let me know if you find any errors so I can correct them quickly. Click Here.

Math Fact Reward Punch Cards

These Math Fact Reward Punch Cards are great for monitoring the progress and success of your students. Each time a student passes a set of math facts their card is punched. The cards can be put on a ring to hang in a handy spot. If you don't assess 11s and 12s a small sticker can be put over those numbers. When full your students can get a small reward. (sit by a friend, no homework pass, first in line etc.) Click Here.