Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Activities

Here are some Halloween activities we did this week.
 We learned the names of the main bones in our body. Q-Tip Skeleton

We read several books about bats and then wrote about what we learned.

Tissue paper pumpkins
                              We had a lot of fun this week while learning even more.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Isn't Love Grand

My son is home for 2 weeks from deployment in Afghanistan.  He and his girlfriend had some pictures taken on Saturday.  They are so happy together. The time he is home is passing too quickly.  Can someone slow down the clock?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going on a Turkey Hunt

This is a Smartboard activity I posted on Teacher's Pay Teachers.  It can be used as math center or a group activity.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner

I know that Halloween isn't even here yet, but there are only 62 shopping
days until Christmas.  With money being tight, why not make a gift for the people on your list.  It will mean so much more knowing you put all your love into the gift.
We have all kinds of background paper and clip art to make a scrapbook that
has great meaning.
For example.  The home farm means everything to my mother-in-law.  We
decided to make a farm alphabet scrapbook for her.  We have taken pictures all over the family farm that have letters hidden in the pictures.  We to a close-up picture of the barbwire fence post and it will stand for the E. The post makes the line going down and the barbwire makes the 3 lines across.
We took a close-up picture of a horseshoe for the U and a stained glass that is in the     shape of an Abridge across the creel for X. You find a few more letters for the scrapbook every time we go home. 
Find out what your recipients passion is and make the letters from pictures for that theme. It may be old cars, or churches, banks or parks.  You can find the letter shapes in anything.

1. Start thinking in "close-up." Look around for items that when a photo is
 taken close-up will look like a letter. Look at architectural details such
 as windows, stair rails, wood and stone trims, etc.
2. Zoom in and snap away. Zoom in with your camera so that the photo is
 completely filled with the element that looks like a letter. Turn your
 camera so that all of your letters will be vertical photos so that you can
 line them up side by side across your scrapbook page.
3. Select print size. Once you have all of your letter photos on your camera
 card, you will need to decide how large to print each photo. Check with your
 photo developer to see what your choices are for sizes.

4. Print in black and white or sepia. To remove distractions from the letter
 shapes in your photos, print them in black and white or sepia.
5. Use some of the background papers and clip art from The Digital Crafting Mall to make layouts for your photos.

 6. Put in a scrapbook and it will become a treasure handed down from
 generation to generation.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

100's Chart Scroll

One of the teachers on our team came up with the idea of using 100's chart to write numbers into the thousands.  I thought they would get bored after two or three charts were filled in.  Boy, was I wrong.  The kids are begging to add to their scrolls everyday.
We took a 100's chart and had the kids write their numbers from 1 to 100. When they finished we stapled another chart to the bottom of the first chart and they wrote the numbers from 101 to 200. I checked to make sure there were no mistakes and that they knew how to transition from one line to the next line of numbers. When the third sheet is added the paper is too long to put on their desk so, we rolled them from top to bottom and paperclip the roll.  When the students aren't working on their scrolls they are stored in a tube from a paper towel roll.
A copy of the 100's charts can be downloaded here.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Main Idea and Details

We have been working on finding the main idea and details  in paragraphs. We read a story about the saguaro cactus in our reading series. We then worked in groups the write the main idea and 4 details about the saquaro cactus. The details were written on the arms of the cactus. We used toothpicks for the prickly parts of the cactus. The next time we do this I will have the  students write the details with crayon or marker so they can be seen better.