Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Been Forever

It's been forever since I have been on my blog.  I had back surgery before Christmas and then developed a staff infection.  I am still not back at work, but will be soon. I plan to return Jan 30th and I can't wait.  My kids are missing me and I them.  I have a very good sub and have not had to worry about what is happening while I am gone.
I am going to throw a sale on all my Smartboard DVD's.  You are getting such a bargain.  There are 100s of activities available and I'm throwing in my reward punch cards also. Now is the time to buy before I come to my senses. Since I am at home you will get fast delivery if it is a mailable item.  Others can be immediately down loaded.  Check out the sale and save. 20% off Click  on the links below.
Reward Punch Cards
Smartboard 21 Lunch Count Activities
Smartboard 124 Primary Skills
Smartboard full year of Calendar Activities
Smartboard 40  Attendance and Lunch Count
Smartboard Sign-in Attendance 10 Themes

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