Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spelling Test Forms

This is one of the forms I use for my students who have trouble with spelling tests. It is what I do to differentiate instruction for spelling tests. I make a form each week that has a space for each letter in the spelling words. If word #1 has five letters the #1 answer has a dash line for each letter. If word #2 has 3 letters then #2 has a dash line for each letter. These students also have a shorter list of words that they are responsible to learn. If the class has 11 words on their test, my Title students may only have 6. This has worked well for me and it satisfies the Title teacher for differentiation. A set of 40 spelling forms can be purchased on my TPT site. These forms have spaces for 20 words. We never have 20 words, but some classes do. We just use the number of lines we need. My graphics are created by ThistleGirl Designs. These graphics are copyrighted and can not be changed or shared by anyone that is not a licensed reseller.

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